A walk down my road

I’ve landed, showered, seen the rains and found somewhere to buy cigarettes.

The house I’m staying in tonight is at the end of Jodhpur Park, a little street in Kolkata. 

Across the road from my blacony is a hole someone’s knocked in the pavement where the women come from a nearby slum to wash their clothes and bathe in their clothes. It’s fascinating, it looks hard work but I don’t want to take photos of them so you will just have to imagine.

If you walk down the street towards the main road there is a little Market with a couple of people making food,a handful of barbers and a stall that seems to trade in second hand cardboard.

It’s the sort of place where, whilst not in any way intimidating, everybody stopped what they were doing when I walked past the first time to stare. It is also the sort of place where nobody took a blind bit of notice of me when I returned ten minutes later.

It’s 20 past 7, already dark. It’s hot and muggy and slow. The torrential rain from 2 hours ago now only found in the occasional puddle. It’s not very busy and the dogs- Lab crosses, lean and confident- sleep sprawled out on their sides on the pavement every 20 yards or so.

A boy is walking his pet golden retriever and it is the sort of place where he is one that too looks out of place.

If you can imagine such a place, and decided to slowly walk the length of the little road this what you would hear



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