Picture Gallery from the trip to Purulia

The Jhalda Mountains


Here the Horn is used instead of indicators, to say that you are in the blind spot, that you are moving, that the other motorists should move, that you are about to have a crash, that you’d like someone to speed up, and to startle goats. You live for the moments when it’s not sounding. They are few and far between.


Dinner at the Chou Theatre Camp


Chou Theatre rendition of Hindu myth of Demon King comes to a rather glorious end.


In the middle of a very small, very poor village sat this rather gorgeous and very blue temple.


This Dude is making sweets by boiling down a flour mixture.

Chai Break!


Here come the Drums! It’s rain time.


Jhumar musician. The very definition of self made man. He built the instruments, his house, everything in it and composes his own songs.



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