Bafana Bafana!

We’re sat in Revolution cafe in Grahamstown watching the South Africans take on France.
There’s only one other family in here- the whole town have descended upon the sports bar the Rat and Parrot but that’s a bit wild for us, 3 shows in the last 24 hours have knackered us out.
But we’re awake now!
It’s half time, the Bafanas are up to 2-0, France have had a man sent off and Uruguay are 1-0 up. We are half way through the most unbelievable of stories. The Boys The Boys could do this. What was impossible is now but unlikely and this is a country used to the unlikely.

Woza Bafana Bafana!



The beneath was meant to follow the above 45 minutes later. But the dial up here really is that shit it got lost in the ether somewhere.

It’s not relevant anymore but in the interests of… well i’m not sure what but still here it is


?? ? ?Well by the time this ridiculous dial up internet had sent my last post France had brought on basketball wizard Henry and scored a goal.
And Dave’s face had turned even more Yorkshire than normal.

That’s the entire kitchen staff behind him. There was to be no ordering food during this game.

So that’s that for the South African team.

When things started to look less than perfect for South Africa the little fella who was in the cafe watching with his dad decided a sign might help.

Excellent sign.


The streets are full of loonies driving pick up trucks, beeping their horns and blowing their vuvezelas. They might not be progressing to the second round but they beat France and they didn’t come bottom- that’s all the excuse Grahamstown needs to celebrate.

England’s turn tomorrow. By a feat of brilliant programming we have no show tomorrow so we’ll be leaving for P.E. in the morning clutching our tickets in our sweaty hands.
There were no wheelchair tickets left so I’ve got Dave Toole on my shoulders from the back tier. A fiver says we make it on the telly- the tallest football fan in the world.

Sure I’ve seen some theatre today but lets be honest- no show was ever going to have a more theatrical story line than the Bafanas did today so I’ll tell you all about that another day.


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