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Blog Post: Why we need your favourite Christmas Stories

Now I know that I told you already we’ve teamed up with the brilliant Belt Up, Pilot and Unlimited Theatre Companies to host a Christmas Fayre.


But that’s not just everyone who is involved. West Yorkshire Playhouse have lent heaters, I Love West Leeds Festival are lending a hand, Rash Dash Theatre are decorating the place- and many many more.


One of Santa’s helpers are Balloon: an arts event outfit based in South Wales who create music and reading nights. And they’re co-run by Slung Low’s very own Matthew David Scott.


He’s going to prepare 10 minute versions of you favourite Christmas stories, or poems, or even songs. Then the new versions will be read by the rather magnificent John Hunter at the Fayre- the most perfect voice for Christmas.


But in order for that to happen we’re going to need to know your favourite Christmas tale.

You can email your favourite tale to Scotty at


So if you have a favourite Christmas tale please let us know. Look forward to hearing from you




Blog Post: Hosting a Christmas Fayre is better than screaming at Late Night Review. And we’d like you to be involved.

So we had an idea.

Belt Up, Pilot, Slung Low and Unlimited Theatre Companies have joined forces to host a Christmas Fayre.

There?ll be stalls selling all sorts of goods from bespoke laptop covers to second hand books, Army Gore Tex jackets to bricabrac. There?ll be a Hog Roast, and Spiced Wine and Roast Chestnuts. There?ll be singing carols around the recently tuned and aesthetically pleasing piano. There?ll be readings of your favourite Christmas stories. And if I can find someone who can do it there?ll be face painting so you can look like a reindeer if you want to. And quite frankly who wouldn?t want to.

A Christmas Fayre.

A chance for us to come together and chat. Spend some time. For some of us to sell some things. For some of us to buy some things. And for all of us to have a laugh.

And it?s an invitation.

Of course it is an invitation to come along.

But it?s also an invitation for you to come and take a stall and sell whatever it is you have to offer (there?s no charge for stalls and you keep all your own money). 

Bring your Ukelele and come and sing carols with us.

Come down with the box of old books that your partner has been asking you to get rid of and see if you can make a couple of quid for Christmas.

Come and see if you can find the perfect present for that loved one you always struggle to find something for.

Bring a friend.

Come and have your face painted like a reindeer.

Come and paint other people?s faces like reindeers.

A lot of clever people have said recently that in the face of the changes our community have been forced to undergo we are stronger together than divided. It?s a logic I buy- I don?t see what the alternative is that doesn?t make everything even worse.

I?m not suggesting that a Christmas Fayre is somehow the answer to the difficulties that face us.

But I am absolutely certain that bringing people together for a bit of a do, winding down at the end of a big year for all of us, and sharing what we?ve done and what we might plan to do is a more productive way forward than screaming abuse at Late Night Review. 

So if nothing else it?s a step in the right direction- and it?s certain to be a whole lot of fun.

Please come along. Please spread the word.  It?s a community get together and it wouldn?t be the same without you all.

If you have questions, queries, want to book a stall or have an offer for the Fayre you can reach me at

Belt Up, Pilot, Slung Low, and Unlimited Theatre Companies are delighted to invite you to a celebration of the season?s spirit: A Christmas Fayre.

There?ll be an array of stalls, a hog roast, carols around the piano, things to buy your loves ones for Christmas, hot spiced wine, roast chestnuts and a whole lot more.

11-4pm 11th December 2010. At the Holbeck Underground Ballroom, 57-61 Bath Road, Holbeck, LS11 9UA. Parking is available on site. Children are most welcome.

More details at