Blog Post: Why we need your favourite Christmas Stories

Now I know that I told you already we’ve teamed up with the brilliant Belt Up, Pilot and Unlimited Theatre Companies to host a Christmas Fayre.


But that’s not just everyone who is involved. West Yorkshire Playhouse have lent heaters, I Love West Leeds Festival are lending a hand, Rash Dash Theatre are decorating the place- and many many more.


One of Santa’s helpers are Balloon: an arts event outfit based in South Wales who create music and reading nights. And they’re co-run by Slung Low’s very own Matthew David Scott.


He’s going to prepare 10 minute versions of you favourite Christmas stories, or poems, or even songs. Then the new versions will be read by the rather magnificent John Hunter at the Fayre- the most perfect voice for Christmas.


But in order for that to happen we’re going to need to know your favourite Christmas tale.

You can email your favourite tale to Scotty at


So if you have a favourite Christmas tale please let us know. Look forward to hearing from you




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