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Blog post: The sign outside Saltaire Train Station: the start to 13.1 miles

Merry Christmas
The lovely Lee Goater sent me this picture of the sign from outside Saltaire Train Station.
Donations unbelievably stand at ?2710.10 for Macmillan Cancer Care.
Thank you so much for everyone who has donated or spread the word. You are ace.
On my marks. I start at 9am.



Blog Post: What I’m doing Christmas Day. And how I need your help.

This Christmas Day I will run a half marathon. That’s 13.1 miles.
I understand it’s an unusual time to do a half marathon. There isn’t an organised race so I’m going to be doing it on my own. I’ll start at Saltaire Train Station and follow the canal until I hit Leeds centre. That’s 13.1 miles. I am assuming it will be a difficult thing to do. I don’t know, I’ve never run a half marathon before. But I will on Christmas Day I promise. I’ll electronically track it and publish the tracked run on the internet. I’m doing this in the hope that you will sponsor me. I am running for Macmillan Cancer Care. (

Earlier this year my friend and the mother of my wife, Megan Hind died. She was an immensely brilliant, courageous, defiant, beautiful woman. She is much missed. And she was much cared for by the Macmillan nurses. As I have been in my time too.

In these difficult times it is hard to ask friends to donate to charity. I hope that the combination of the physical challenge being carried out on Christmas Day will demonstrate how determined I am and might just be memorable and interesting enough to justify asking you to dig deep when things are so tight.

Those that sponsor me can nominate a song to add to my running playlist. It can be anything you want, just write the song in the comments below, I shall buy it off iTunes or similar and add it to my list. Some of you will find this a fun element to add a supportive song and then again at least 2 of you will list a John Cage track. That’s the game. I promise I will buy all the tracks and shuffle the list.

The Macmillans are special people. Please help if you can. I have a Just Giving Page that will handle all the money side:

If you can help please do. If you can spread the word with a Retweet or a shout out then that would be fab too.
Happy Christmas to you all.
Alan x

Blog Post: what RashDash are up to at the Christmas Fayre

Many exciting things are happening at this year’s Christmas Fayre. We’ll be announcing them throughout the week, here is one of the things the lovely RashDash are up to.
Other details at

The RashDash SwapShop

Do you own clothes/jewellery/bags/shoes you once loved but no longer wear? Are you in need of a wardrobe revamp?

RashDash are hosting a swap shop where you can exchange unwanted items for something new-

A dress for a dress, a bag for a necklace, gloves for a scarf. The possibilities are endless…

Bring your items to the RashDash stall and choose your exchange. One woman’s Junk is another man’s treasure…

Any leftover items will be given to charity. Bonus.