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Blog Post: We need a little help.

So we’re moving in to The Holbeck. Hooray!  We move in in January 2019. All our 2019 activity will be there. It’s such an exciting opportunity for us, the artists in our community that we support, our participants and audiences. You can read all about it here if this is the first you are hearing about it.

But there are some challenges. These challenges are absolutely our responsibility but we need some help overcoming them. And so we’re asking if you can please lend a hand. There are two bits of help we really need, one is about money, when is it ever not, but we know that in these times not many people have much of that spare and there are lots of people who want to help who can do so in practical, lending a hand way. So here it is.

IMG_5498Access and a lift.

The top floor of the Holbeck isn’t accessible to those who use wheelchairs. Obviously we aren’t going to be moving in in January without having resolved that situation. 

To put in a lift we’ve been quoted around £30k. This is a responsibility that of course we are going to meet. Of course. But we’ve just agreed to give all the money we had ‘spare’ to Carlsberg Brewery to clear the Holbeck’s debts to them and make it possible for us to move in. So the cupboard is bare.

In the first instance, before we move in in January 2019, we will have a stair lift put in at the Holbeck as a temporary measure. This will resolve some of the access issues but not all and we are really aware of that. Those people who cannot get out of their wheelchair and into the stair lift will still be excluded from the upstairs performance space and so we are committed to raising the £30k for a full lift by the middle of 2019. 

This is the bit that we are asking help with. If you can spare anything to help us put a full lift in to the Holbeck then we would be very grateful. 

I thought long and hard about whether we should offer rewards for donations and in the end decided against it. Everything we have is all of yours: it alwa. Need the space for a private event? Yours, Pay What You Decide by way of payment. Want to borrow the van, some equipment, host your mum’s birthday party here? Yours, Pay What you Decide by way of contribution. All tickets to our events, Pay What You Decide. Our college classes, PWYD.

So it felt strange to put financial figures to fundraising “rewards” when we already share those things with anyone who have need of them.

So if you can spare some money we would be super grateful. And if you think we can do something to help you, or we have something that you need, know that you can simply ask for it. But that asking doesn’t require you to give us anything- that isn’t really how it’s meant to work. If we can we’re going to say yes regardless.

You can make donations via our PayPal link here (This link isn’t working for everyone so you can always pay the email through your Paypal account and that will sort it out or email us on same if you want bank details)

Every penny we raise from any source is going towards that lift until it’s complete. It’s our responsibility and we will meet it. With a little help from those of you who can.

IMG_4420_HDR-3420917336-OBarn Raising Days.

And we know that many want to help but simply don’t have any cash- we know how you feel. There are two bedrooms upstairs at the club that have been seriously damaged by a leaking roof over the years. We’re going to renovate them and put them to use supporting local, visiting and emerging artists. And we’re going to need some help doing that.

So on the 19th and 20th January and 26 and 27 January we’re going to have barn raising days. Days where everyone rallies around, strips wall papers, cleans walls, paints stuff, and gets it all done.

If you feel like you could contribute- come along and muck in- then we would welcome you with open arms. And give you lunch.

We’ll be starting at 10.30 every day and going through to 3. If you would like to volunteer then please just let us know you are coming, drop an email to me at saying which days you’d like to do, if you’re bringing anyone with you, and if you have any dietary requirements. We’ll sort the rest, provided tools, safety kit, all that good stuff. You don’t need any experience or knowledge of DIY.

And if neither of those work for you but you’d still like to help then please just bang the drum. Any help you can give spreading the word is really appreciated.

And if there is anything you ever need, say the word and if we can we will. 

The Holbeck is a really exciting adventure for us. And we hope that you will love coming here to see us. Any help you can give us to get ready for that will be most gratefully received.

Our Christmas Fayre is our last event at The HUB. 8th December 12-4. Come down, drink mulled wine, eat roast hog (or vegan alternative), sing carols, visit stalls and hear Christmas tales read aloud. Come say goodbye to the HUB with us.